Relooking at Indian History

Itihaas 2.0 is a podcast that looks at Indian history with a twist. It brings history out of boring textbooks and looks at things around us, tracing their evolution. From brands to elections and from media to public policy, this podcast explores why today's India is the way it is. 

Polity and Policies

Polity and Policies - This season deals with the evolution of government over the years and how have various policies shaped it from time-to-time. Stories revolve around how they affected us!

Made in India!

Made in India! - This season traces history and evolution of brands and concepts, proudly made in India.

Around and Beyond

This category covers events that have had huge impact on how India is today but can not be put up in any other thematic seasons. (we know, it's odd.) From War to cricket, listen away!

The Peshwas of Pune

The Peshwas of Pune - Peshwa were the prime ministers of the Maratha kingdom. This season explores their glorious trajectory of 100 years.

History of My Plate

Food history is a complex, interdisciplinary topic that links our history, culture, society, economics, migration and possibly everything else. This season explores multiple aspects of history of food in India.


Medialogue - Media and history share a complex relationship. This season traces both history of media and history in media. Television, Radio, Film and more!

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