About Itihaas 2.0

About Itihaas 2.0 – Most of us grew up hating history. You know why?

History, as taught in schools and colleges, often reduces it to mere dates and events. However, history is much beyond that.

History is essentially a story. A story of mankind. A story of ours. Moreover, history is not only about wars and nations. Everything in this world has a history. It may be brands, science, food, Cinema, or anything else. If we look at history like this, it becomes engaging and interesting! Also, history is fluid. It traces the evolution of us humans, it flows along with the time, and it is important to trace it like this.

Itihaas Podcast attempts to do precisely this. It talks of things which had an influence on us, and affect us in some manner till date. Only, it does it an Indian focus. The stories of India and Indians.

Itihaas explores history bit by bit, one podcast at a time.

Itihaas tries to make history cool. Itihaas hopes that we start listening to it, as OUR story.

Itihaas 2.0 is conceptualized, produced and maintained by Sneha Gore Mehendale

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